Choosing The Right Kitchen Benchtop For The Home Of A Kidney Transplant Patient

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Choosing The Right Kitchen Benchtop For The Home Of A Kidney Transplant Patient

11 July 2016
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As someone with a family member who has just gone through a kidney transplant, you are on a steep learning curve about the cleaning you will need to do around your home. The anti-rejection medication they will take for the rest of their life weakens their immune system, so heavy cleaning is part of your future. The kitchen is of particular concern for germ congregation such as E. coli, and even emptying the dishwasher will now involve wearing gloves. However, an old kitchen benchtop could harbour so many bugs that an upgrade is the safest option. When you are wondering what type of kitchen benchtop is the most hygienic, keep these thoughts in mind.

Polished Granite Or Concrete

There are two major benefits if you are considering either polished granite or concrete for your new benchtop. Not only are they both incredibly hard and durable, which gives them a long lifespan, but both of these products get sealed after they have been polished down.

This sealing process helps to ensure that food odours and spills cannot penetrate the surface, and that keeps the germs at bay. This means that every time you wipe over this benchtop with your cleaning solution, you will be removing all the nasty bugs waiting to make your loved one ill.

Any Benchtop That Includes Grout

If you are considering a benchtop that includes grout in it anywhere, such as a benchtop that has decorative tiles worked into the detail, then you will need to rethink this plan. Grout is not sealed after it has been applied, and even though it dries to a solid state, it is still very porous, and this makes it the perfect place for germs to lie in wait.

Since it is difficult to completely remove germs from grout, it is better not to use a kitchen benchtop that has grout as a part of it.

Wood Or Laminate

Wood and laminate benchtops are the worst choices when it comes to kitchen benchtops. These products are highly porous and become a germ haven once they are installed in your kitchen. It does not matter how much bleach you wipe over them, you will never be able to fully remove bacteria that has soaked into the wood fibres. While you may think laminate is safe because it has a clear coat finish, the overcoat breaks down quickly and leaves you with a porous finish underneath that is similar to the makeup of wood.

By choosing a strong, germ-resisting kitchen benchtop finish, you can lessen the chances of germs making your kidney transplant patient sick. You have enough to do right now, so don't choose a benchtop that is going to add to your list of cleaning chores.

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