How To Clean Artificial Turf

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How To Clean Artificial Turf

22 June 2015
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Artificial turf is undoubtedly a boon to the busy pet owner.  It looks great, Fido can't dig holes in it and pet urine won't scorch it as it will with natural grass.  That's why many dog owners have their outside space remodeled using artificial turf.  However, it does require regular cleaning to keep it hygienic and looking good. 

Here's some practical advice on how to keep your pet-friendly artificial grass green and fragrant!

Surface debris and pet hair

Your artificial grass will collect surface debris and pet hair over the course of a few weeks.  Use a firm-bristled yard brush to remove leaves and larger particles of dirt from the lawn.  Next, clean the lawn using a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes.  The brushes will remove loose pet hair and dust from the surface of the lawn.  Choose a dry day for this job as wet hair will not be picked up by the vacuum cleaner and will simply stick to the grass instead.

It's very important to remove this surface debris regularly.  If left for too long, the dust will settle between the grass blades, infill granules and backing material where it will create a solid layer that prevents rainwater drainage.  This solid layer is also a breeding ground for the bacteria that is present in pet urine, faeces and hair.

Wash it clean

Now that you've cleared away all loose debris and hair, give your lawn a thorough hosing down, paying particular attention to areas where your dog urinates and defecates most frequently.  It's best not to use a power washer on your artificial lawn as this can cause damage to the infill granules and backing. 

To finish off the job, use a special pet turf deodoriser to get rid of the urine odour that will readily linger if you don't treat it correctly.  It's also advisable to treat your grass with an antibacterial product to make sure there are no nasties lurking there.  Your artificial grass supplier or local DIY store will advise you on which products are most suited to your needs. 

In conclusion

Keeping your artificial lawn clean and hygienic is a straightforward task that should be scheduled into your home and garden maintenance regime. If you've recently moved to a house with an artificial lawn and you want further advice on how to keep it clean and properly maintained, have a chat with an expert from companies like Australian Lawn Wholesalers.  They will also be able to recommend a professional firm who will clean the lawn for you so that you begin with a clean slate.

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