Different Options to Consider When Contemplating Shower Screens

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Different Options to Consider When Contemplating Shower Screens

29 February 2016
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If you have been using a shower curtain in your bathroom, chances are you have noticed that it does not totally prevent water from getting all over your bathroom floor. One of the easiest ways of engaging in affordable bathroom renovations is by investing in a new shower screen. With the increase of popularity in these bathroom accessories, manufacturers make them in a wide array of options. Choosing one may seem daunting for individuals who do not necessarily know what to look for. Here are some of the different options that you can consider to ensure that your shower screen suits your needs both functionally as well as aesthetically.

Sliding door screens

As the name suggests, this style of shower screen is operated through sliding one of the panels open. The shower contractors will permanently secure one panel of the shower screen, while another is given room to slide from the left or the right so as to provide an entry and exit for shower users.

Corner screens

These types of shower screens are typically installed on corner showers. They comprise two panels on either side and a pivot door in the middle to provide access into the shower. Corner showers, which require corner screens, are an ideal choice for homeowners who may not have enough floor space in their bathroom and would like to make the most of what is available.

Swing screens

These are also referred to as pivot door screens. These shower screens comprise a fixed panel and a swinging shower door. Since the door swings open and shut, it can be open both inward and outward. These shower screens are typically installed on bathtubs or showers that are against a wall, but they also work on tubs and showers that are freestanding in the middle of the bathroom. These types of showers screens are suitable for larger bathrooms as they need the extra space for easy manoeuvrability of the swinging door.

Fixed screens

These types of shower screens typically do not have any door attached to them. Instead, the panels are simply secured in place and a gap is left between them to create a walk-in shower. Fixed screens are also a great option if you would like to incorporate your choice of screen with a bathtub. This is because they can be easily installed at the front end of the tub, hence creating a combination shower and bath. Thus, these screens eliminate the need to create a new shower base in the event that you did not have one in the first place. 

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