Renovating your empty nest - 4 ideas on how to use the new spare room

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Renovating your empty nest - 4 ideas on how to use the new spare room

12 April 2016
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Now that you have finally convinced your adult children to move out of home, it's a great time to do a home renovation and make a house that is a better fit for you as a couple. Here are some ideas for an empty nest renovation. 

A walk in robe

If your child has had a bedroom right next door to your bedroom, this can be a great chance to expand your bedroom. This could be a good time to get yourself some generous walk-in robes for you and your partner or just to gain some needed extra space to make your bedroom larger. This is relatively easy, as you can place wardrobe doors in the adjoining wall, remove the entrance door from the child's room and place some hanging hooks, drawers, and rails. You might want to think about removing any windows from the room if you will be dressing in your robe for privacy reasons.

Spa-like bathrooms

Now you have a chance to spend more time in the bathroom, as there are fewer people in the household, it can be nice to upgrade your bathroom to a spa-like finish. This could include higher level finishes, a new or spa bath, improved lighting and new tiles. This can make your bathroom into a beautiful space to relax and spend time pampering yourself. If you have that adjoining bedroom and don't want to make it a walk-in robe, an ensuite bathroom can be a great way to use that space from your child's old bedroom. 

A home gym

Converting your spare room into a home gym can be a great use of new free space. You won't be able to have space to have a full gym in all likelihood but having a few well thought out pieces of equipment can let you have a full workout at home no matter what the weather outdoors.

An updated home office

If you work from home, having a spacious home office can make it easier to work from home. Even if you head into work each day, now that you have fewer people in the household, you might have time to take up some other hobbies such as writing a blog or completing your family history. Having a dedicated room for your home office can help to keep you productive and on task. 

If you are looking to do an empty nest home renovation, you should contract a remodelling contractor to get some ideas of what might be possible. 

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