Bathroom Revamp | 4 Clever Strategies To Add A Laundry Area To Your Bathroom

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Bathroom Revamp | 4 Clever Strategies To Add A Laundry Area To Your Bathroom

18 August 2016
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Many homeowners like the idea of having internal laundries inside bathrooms because it means less time spent at a communal laundry facility. If you have extra space in your bathroom, then you may be able to add a laundry to it. If you're planning to integrate a laundry area through bathroom renovations, consider these clever strategies to make it work for you.

Create Special Laundry Cabinetry To Place Appliances For A Neat Appearance 

During any bathroom or laundry renovations, you'll naturally want to make the space seamless and neat. But large washing machines and dryers can end up making the bathroom look cluttered and disorderly. To prevent this from happening, consider installing a special laundry cabinet for placing appliances. The cabinet could be built in the same colour and style as your walls for unbroken continuity, while allowing you to have the laundry facilities you've always wanted inside your home.  

Plan An Area For Stacking Machines Above Each Other To Save Floor Space

If you don't have too much space to work with during bathroom renovations, plan the laundry in a manner that allows for the washer and dryer to be stacked over each other. This is a good way to save floor space, while giving you the laundry facilities you desire. For this to work, front-loading appliances are best because they allow for stacking on top of each other. Keep in mind that you will need a vent from the machines to an external wall for allowing heat and steam to flow outside.

Plan An Area Where Existing Plumbing Pipes Exist

If you want to save on the cost of bathroom renovations, consider placing the laundry machines where existing pipes and taps already exist. These existing plumbing pipes will give you access to water and waste lines without much trouble. If these plumbing fixtures don't already exist, you will need to find an area that allows for seamless water flow towards the drain lines in your bathroom.

Integrate Appliances Into Existing Nooks To Prevent Consuming Too Much Space

If you have a small nook in your bathroom space, then maximise it by integrating the laundry facility within this area. Similarly, you can give up a little cabinet space under your vanity to accommodate a combination washer-dryer unit in your bathroom. This is a good way to optimise existing nooks and spaces without consuming too much space during bathroom renovations.

Consider these clever strategies when integrating laundry facilities into your bathroom renovation plan.

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