Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Can Add Value to Your Home

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Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Can Add Value to Your Home

16 September 2016
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When you're redoing your kitchen, of course you want the space to work for you and your family, but it's also good to think of how certain changes you make can affect the actual value of your home. If you do put your home on the real estate market, you want to think about how it will compete with other homes and appeal to a wide range of homebuyers, so note a few ideas to keep in mind when making over your kitchen and which might increase your home's appeal.


Adding storage to a kitchen is almost always the best way to add value, but this doesn't necessarily mean knocking out a wall and decreasing the size of your dining or living space in order to create a pantry area. Consider adding taller cabinets that reach the ceiling for that extra shelving on the top. Add cupboard organizers and pullout shelves that make it easier to store and organize pots and pans and food items, while not allowing space in the back of the cupboards to go to waste. Incorporating these into your kitchen remodel can ensure they work perfectly for the cabinets you have. Remember, too, that you want to use every available space for storage; a tiny pull-out shelf can fit between the refrigerator and cabinets for holding spices, or you might knock back some wall areas to create insets that hold decorative platters, coffee mugs, and the like.


Adding wiring and space for electronics can make the kitchen more suited for today's modern family, where someone might want to plug their smartphone into a wall to recharge it and also listen to music while they cook. Consider incorporating a docking station into your kitchen renovation, where the whole family can park their phones and tablets to get recharged; they'll always know where their gadgets are when plugged in when you create a designated space for them. Future homebuyers may also appreciate having these types of details built in, to accommodate their own electronics.

Energy Efficiency

Making the home more energy efficient in any way can increase its value, so consider adding LED lights, which use less electricity than standard bulbs. Add flooring that keeps the space cooler so there is less need of air conditioning; this might mean stone tile versus wood floorboards. Add extra insulation to the kitchen walls so that you let out less heat while cooking and the home stays cooler, something that can add to its overall value.

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