4 Reasons to Fit an Integrated Sink During Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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4 Reasons to Fit an Integrated Sink During Your Next Bathroom Remodel

18 April 2018
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Integrated sinks go by many names; you may hear them referred to as 'counter sinks', 'single-piece sinks', or 'integral sinks'. In any case, the basic form remains the same. An integral sink is built into the bathroom counter and is made of the same material as the counter. Essentially, there is no separation between the sink and rest of the vanity.

Now you know what an integrated sink is, it's time you learned why you should fit one if your are considering bathroom renovations. Here are just four good reasons. 

1. Integrated Sinks Offer a Premium Appearance

Integrated sinks come with plenty of practical benefits, but most homeowners opt for them purely because of how they look. An integrated sink remains a premium product, so installing one will instantly lend an elegant and modern air to your bathroom. They're particularly sought-after by designers who want to create a minimalist appearance; with vanity and sink integrated into one piece, that goal is achieved.

2. Integrated Sinks Require Minimal Maintenance

Hands up—who enjoys cleaning the bathroom sink? There probably aren't many hands flying up right now. This is a pretty dreary job, but you can make things easier on yourself by fitting an integrated sink. Since there are no joins between the vanity and the sink, there aren't any seams which dirt, mould, or bathroom products can invade. In fact, most integrated units dip straight down from the vanity surface into the sink, so you can wipe down the whole thing in one motion.

3. Integrated Sinks Are Easy to Install  

Unless you're extremely experienced, it's best to leave sink installation to a professional plumber. That said, an integrated sink is one of the easier types to install since the sink itself doesn't need to be fitted separately. Even if you're not handling the process yourself, you'll find your bathroom remodel proceeding faster when you opt for fixtures that are easy to install.

4. Integrated Sinks Are Hard to Damage

Integrated sinks are as tough to damage as they are easy to install. Since regular sinks are separate from the surface that holds them, the seal can loosen over time, usually due to people leaning on the sink to get a little closer to the mirror. Whatever the causes, any loosening of the seal can result in expensive repairs. Of course, such a situation is impossible with an integrated sink—you can lean on them as hard as you want without risking damage.

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