Looking To Revamp Your Bathroom? Consider Customising Your Vanity!

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Looking To Revamp Your Bathroom? Consider Customising Your Vanity!

9 January 2020
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If you want to update the overall appeal of your bathroom while simultaneously increasing its function, you could be trying to figure out how best to remodel the space. While there are many changes that you can make to your washroom to make your cleansing experience less utilitarian and more spa-like, it will be financially challenging to renovate the entire room at once, more so if it is expansive.

Your best way forward is to break up the room into parts so you have one specific area that you are focusing on at any particular time. And one of the best places to start will be the vanity. Considering that vanities are the central attraction of the bathroom, remodelling this space will offer you both aesthetic and practical advantages. Below are a couple of changes to consider when customising your vanity.

Switch to LED Lighting

Conventional bathroom lighting solutions are primarily fluorescent and incandescent. However, simply because these types of lights are the norm, that does not automatically mean they are the right choice for your bathroom. Incandescent lighting, for instance, consumes a considerable amount of power. If you like spending time in your bathroom, the incandescent lighting will keep your electricity bills high, which can negatively affect your budget.

Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, may use less power than their incandescent counterparts, but this lighting is not flattering. Your best bet when it comes to making the best of both worlds is LED lighting. These tiny bulbs not only provide you with sufficient illumination, but they are also energy efficient and flattering.

Integrate Storage

If you have a small vanity in your bathroom, it is likely cluttered with many products. While items such as toothbrushes are a staple for any vanity, having a collection of additional items such as towels, hygiene products, moisturizers, facial washes, hand wash and more will take away from the visual appeal of the vanity. Once you have committed to a remodel, you should consider two alternatives.

The first solution is replacing your small vanity with a larger one that will accommodate all your care products. The second alternative is integrating storage right into your pre-existing vanity. It is worth noting that a small vanity will not have room for much more additional space, whereas a new one provides you with the opportunity to customise it with features such as hooks, shelves, racks, drawers and even cupboards in mind!

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