Office Fit-Out Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Employee Productivity

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Office Fit-Out Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Employee Productivity

21 August 2020
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When designing an office space, it's crucial to look beyond curb appeal and consider employee welfare. Most workers spend around eight hours of their day in the office. If the space isn't designed with their needs in mind, it can increase stress levels and affect productivity. Therefore as you fit out your office, come up with designs that will not only look appealing and functional but will also improve employee performance and mental wellness. Here are three design tips to consider.

Create a Mix of Open and Private Working Spaces

Over the past decade, open office layouts have been the in-thing. They promote interaction and boost morale because workers aren't boxed up in individual spaces. However, if you're not careful, an open layout can increase stress levels and affect employee productivity. Open spaces encourage chit-chat during working hours, and this can increase noise levels in the working area. What's more, movement around the office can create unwelcome distractions.

Instead of adopting an open layout around the office, mix it up with private spaces as well. This way, workers can retreat to the closed, private rooms when they need to concentrate or work in a quiet area. Additionally, you can reduce noise levels by investing in sound insulation solutions such as acoustic wall and ceiling panels.

Design a Fun and Functional Communal Area

Every office needs a communal area where workers can take a breather, unwind and recharge for the next working session. Communal areas should include inviting furniture such as oversized couches and chairs, floor pillows and hammocks, a gaming area, an exercise area with yoga mats, punching bags and exercise balls, a kitchenette stocked with coffee, tea and cold drinks, and much more.

A well-equipped and designed communal area allows workers to destress and tune out of work for a while. It can go a long way in boosting overall wellness and increasing productivity. Again, design the space with acoustics in mind to ensure that it does not distract other employees in their workstations.

Provide Adequate Natural Light in the Office

Natural light is a great mood booster. An office with little natural light can cause eye strain in workers, increase headaches and affect their mood. Poor lighting can also increase mistakes and errors when working. Therefore, boost employee health and productivity by designing the space with natural light in mind. Some great fixtures include large windows, skylights and glass doors. Arrange the workspace in such a way that most workstations are positioned near window views.

Have these issues in mind when designing your office to maximize employee productivity and reduce stress levels. For professional help, contact a company like Ceilings By Design.

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