3 Remodelling Contractor's Ideas to Ensure You Get Most Out of Renovations

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3 Remodelling Contractor's Ideas to Ensure You Get Most Out of Renovations

20 November 2020
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Many homeowners will from time to time think about ensuite renovations. Unfortunately, the majority of these thoughts aren't realised due to space limitations. Having limited space will even make some homeowners give up the dream of ever having a stunning ensuite bathroom. Fortunately, remodelling contractors can help give your bathroom space a touch of class despite having limited space. Here are ideas to help you get the best results when planning upcoming ensuite renovations.

1. Create the Illusion of Space

When renovating your small ensuite, it is essential to eradicate items that can make the area look cluttered. Shower doors are crucial but they can sometimes make your bathroom look crowded. In this case, you may consider using frameless bathroom screen panels instead to make the bathroom look a bit more spacious. The fact that there won't be any vision barrier will help create illusory space. Large tiles can also help create the space effect by making the ensuite look bigger. By so doing, the room will appear bigger and with an elegant design. 

Clear glass is also the best option if you intend to install a shower door. Avoid textured glass because it will make your bathroom look like it has another wall. To ensure all goes well, ensure you hire an expert in ensuite renovations to help you with the renovation process.

2. Change the Vanity in Your Bathroom

The bathroom vanity is an aspect that every homeowner needs to consider during an ensuite renovation. If your wish is to create some extra floor space, wall-mountable vanities are the way to go. Furthermore, you can make the ensuite seem bigger with floating vanities that will also double up as extra storage space.

When it comes to small spaces, a remodelling contractor can help you bring out a sense of design continuity using some round-edged fixtures. Fixtures with sharp edges look beautiful, but they are not the best to use in small spaces. And since finishing could help create a more functional and appealing bathroom, contact a professional in ensuite renovations to help you pinpoint a finishing option appropriate for your bathroom space.

3. Choose the Right Colour

Colour can transform any space, your bathroom included. For small spaces, you can never go wrong with neutral colours. That is because they make an area look bigger than its actual size. 

Ensuite renovations can be a headache, especially in homes with limited space. However, finding a remodelling contractor to help you create a space illusion, change bathroom vanity, and choose an appropriate colour makes the task easy. 

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