Reasons to Choose Vinyl Cladding to Protect Your Coastal Home From Weather Damage

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Reasons to Choose Vinyl Cladding to Protect Your Coastal Home From Weather Damage

22 July 2021
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Living at the coast is undeniably serene. It is also worth noting that beach properties are also highly valuable so you are guaranteed a return on your investment if you choose to sell your house down the road.

Nonetheless, to ensure you get top dollar for your home, you need to protect its structural integrity from continual exposure to humidity and saline conditions. And the best way of doing so is by installing the right cladding. While you have an array to choose from, not many types of cladding can stand up to coastal weather conditions as vinyl can. Before you discount this material, check out the following reasons why vinyl cladding will be the best material to weatherproof your house.

Unmatched endurance

At the surface, you could be thinking that vinyl is a flimsy, plastic material, but this is grossly incorrect. The reality is that vinyl cladding has several qualities that make it more durable when faced with unique coastal weather than other supplies. First off, the panels that make up this material are sturdy yet flexible too. When exposed to high gusts of wind that are prevalent on the coast, they will not break so you are assured that the vinyl cladding will last you for several years.

Additionally, the vinyl is not vulnerable to cracking so it will not expose the underlying walls of your home to humidity, and this keeps them free from mould and mildew. Lastly, if you opt for foam insulation under the vinyl cladding, you are guaranteed that this insulation will not lose its insulation progressively, as the vinyl will not be susceptible to chips and cracks that would expose the foam to degradation.

Unequalled energy efficiency

Although coastal weather is predominantly warm, the winter months can come with exceptionally chilly conditions. With that in mind, it is vital that you invest in cladding materials that will be capable of protecting your home from these divergent temperatures, and the best option for you would be vinyl cladding.

Firstly, quality vinyl panels provide thermal resistance. Therefore, your air conditioning system will not be overworking itself as you can maintain your preferred temperatures indoors without having to constantly increase or decrease the thermostat. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, vinyl cladding is installed along with foam insulation, and this dramatically increases the R-value of this material. As a result, you will not be paying exorbitant energy bills even when the climatic conditions are severe.

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