3 Questions To Ask Your Home Addition Contractor

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3 Questions To Ask Your Home Addition Contractor

15 July 2022
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Do you want to create a home addition? Maybe you need extra living or kitchen space in your home. The home addition contractor is at the heart of your renovation project. Below are some questions to ask your home addition contractor before hiring them. With luck, they should improve your comprehension of the home addition process. 

1. Which is the Best Direction to Extend The Home?

Many homeowners are often conflicted over how to create the home addition. The addition contractor is best suited to determine how best to extend the property. Ideally, the professional starts by considering your ideas to establish how you envision and intend to use the extended property. Then, they assess the viability of the extension. For instance, they check the original blueprints and construction plans to determine how best to conduct the extension works. The professionals also examine the building code and consult with architects to ensure the extension meets the legal requirements and improves the appeal of the building. For instance, suppose you intend to create an additional storey; the contractor will inform you whether there are any restrictions on vertical extensions. For example, you might need to reinforce the foundation. Moreover, you could be prohibited from installing balconies that overlook neighbouring properties. 

2. How Can You Improve the Functionality of The Extension? 

The extension must improve the functionality of your home. As such, the addition contractor integrates ideas that can help achieve this mission. For instance, if the addition is to serve as kitchen space, the contractor could recommend integrating a deck or patio that allows you to hold outdoor family dinners. Moreover, they could suggest additions such as kitchen islands and concealed storage spaces to keep the kitchen neat and attractive. Conversely, if the extension is to serve as a garage, the addition contractor could recommend a bathroom. This way, you can quickly convert the garage space to a living area when you have guests at your home. They could also ask you to consider attic storage. This way, the garage space also serves as an onsite storage unit. 

3. What Project Management Practices Will You Observe? 

Your home addition contractor must be an excellent project manager. Ideally, they should detail how they intend to complete the project in the least possible time and within the suggested budget. For instance, they could start by seeking local council permits to prevent the local council from issuing enforcement orders against the construction project once building works commence. The professional must also prepare a building schedule with construction timelines and milestones. This way, you have an easy time tracking the project. Furthermore, they should ensure that the extension works allow you to continue living inside your home. For instance, they could build a horizontal extension as an independent building and pull down walls to join the two buildings once the extension is complete. 

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