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Looking To Revamp Your Bathroom? Consider Customising Your Vanity!

9 January 2020
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If you want to update the overall appeal of your bathroom while simultaneously increasing its function, you could be trying to figure out how best to remodel the space. While there are many changes that you can make to your washroom to make your cleansing experience less utilitarian and more spa-like, it will be financially challenging to renovate the entire room at once, more so if it is expansive. Your best way forward is to break up the room into parts so you have one specific area that you are focusing on at any particular time. Read More …

Need new awnings for your home? 4 factors to consider

30 September 2019
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Many people associate awnings with commercial outdoor spaces. While it's true that businesses rely on awnings for advertising and providing a comfortable environment to their guests, residential properties can also benefit from these types of outdoor coverings. You can use awnings to protect your kids against the sun or to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on your front porch. Awnings also come in many different shapes and sizes. Retractable awnings are the epitome of convenience because they can be tucked away when not in use. Read More …

2 Possible Layouts That Enhance A Small Kitchen Area

22 July 2019
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If you're remodelling a small kitchen, you need to carefully consider its arrangement to make the most of available space. Here are two possible layouts for the cabinets, benches and appliances. 1. Galley Kitchens Galley kitchens are longer than they are wide, with two facing walls of cabinetry; sometimes, they have an entry at both ends, allowing through traffic. An advantage of this setup is that everything is nearby, so you don't have to walk too far to cook and prepare food. Read More …

3 Reasons to Choose Kitchen Cabinets with Revolving Storage Systems

25 February 2019
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From countertop materials to flooring options, there are plenty of things to think about when you're planning a kitchen renovation. As such, you might forget to consider some of the more modern cabinet options, including those with revolving storage systems. Also known as carousel storage or lazy Susan systems, these sit inside cabinets and revolve to change what's at the front of the cabinet. Here are just three reasons why you should install cabinets with revolving storage systems during your next kitchen renovation. Read More …

4 Reasons to Fit an Integrated Sink During Your Next Bathroom Remodel

18 April 2018
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Integrated sinks go by many names; you may hear them referred to as 'counter sinks', 'single-piece sinks', or 'integral sinks'. In any case, the basic form remains the same. An integral sink is built into the bathroom counter and is made of the same material as the counter. Essentially, there is no separation between the sink and rest of the vanity. Now you know what an integrated sink is, it's time you learned why you should fit one if your are considering bathroom renovations. Read More …

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