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How To Clean Artificial Turf

22 June 2015
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Artificial turf is undoubtedly a boon to the busy pet owner.  It looks great, Fido can't dig holes in it and pet urine won't scorch it as it will with natural grass.  That's why many dog owners have their outside space remodeled using artificial turf.  However, it does require regular cleaning to keep it hygienic and looking good.  Here's some practical advice on how to keep your pet-friendly artificial grass green and fragrant! Read More …

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Making the Most of Small Spaces: A Remodeling Blog

Hi, my name is Amanda. Two years ago, I was feeling extremely cramped in my small home, and I knew I couldn't afford to sell it and move. Plus, I loved my neighbours. To make this small space work for my family, I hired a contractor to remodel the house. He helped us convert our small cozy space into a more open, functional space. He helped us maximise the space so we were using everything from the floor to the ceiling. While watching him work, I got a lot of remodeling ideas. I also did a lot of research leading up to our project. If you are in the same boat, I invite you to explore this space. This blog is going to have everything related to remodeling a small space to make the most of it.